How to watch NOW TV on a Mac


Want to watch NOW TV on your Mac? No problem. You’ll just need OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. Then you’ve got 2 options, depending on whether or not you’ve already got Microsoft Silverlight installed on your Mac.

I’ve got Silverlight installed

Already got Silverlight? Great – you’re ready to start watching straight away. 
If you’re having trouble watching on Safari, you may need to enable the Silverlight plug-in.

I don’t have Silverlight

Microsoft is withdrawing Silverlight support for Mac, so if you don’t already have it installed, you’ll no longer be able to download it from 2017. But don’t worry – you can download our NOW TV Player instead. It’s really simple and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

To trigger the Player download, you’ll need to choose something to watch. Head over to the NOW TV site, find a show, movie, sporting event or kids’ show, and hit play.

Help tip Don’t want to watch anything right now? Just pick something at random to start the download – it doesn’t matter what.

(Don’t have an account yet? You’ll just need to start a free trial or buy a Pass first).

You’ll then be prompted to download the Player.

Download the NOW TV Player

The NOW TV Player will download to wherever you’ve set as your preferred download location (the default on a Mac is the Downloads folder).

Help tip If you accidentally clicked, 'I've already got this' but you don't already have the Player installed, you'll see an error and you'll then have trouble downloading the Player. To get around this, you can either open a different browser and use this to download the Player, or clear the cookies from your browsing history. (If you don’t want to clear all your cookies, then just find the nowtvPlayerInstalled cookie and delete it.)


Step 2

Now find the file and click on it to launch the installer. You should see it open and begin downloading and installing the application automatically.

NOW TV Player download in progress

Tick the box to confirm you’ve installed the NOW TV Player, then click Start watching.

Tick to confirm you've installed the Player, then select Start watching.

Step 3

The first time you launch the NOW TV Player, you’ll see a message like this (it may look slightly different, depending on your browser):

Tick the box and select Open the NOW TV Player

Tick the box to stop this message from bothering you again. 

Step 4

Finally, just click Open to launch the NOW TV Player, and you're ready to watch.

Click to confirm you are sure you want to open this application

Next time you watch...

The next time you go to watch something on the NOW TV site, your computer should remember you’ve already installed the NOW TV Player and start playing straight away. If it doesn’t, and you see this screen again, just click I’ve already got this to continue.

Next time you watch, if you see the download screen again click 'I've already got this'.



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