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How do I change my payment method or billing address?

Got a shiny new payment card, or moved home and need to update your billing address? No problem – you can sort that out online in My Account.



Got a new payment card?

Update your card details or billing address in My Account.


Once you've confirmed your new card details, all future payments will be billed to your new card.

Paying for your membership through BT?

To update your payment method or billing address, head to My BT.


Subscribing to NOW via iTunes?

You can manage your payment methods in iTunes.


For TV membership, you can pay with MastercardVisa or American Express (Amex)

For NOW Broadband Membership, you can only pay with Mastercard or Visa.

Good to knowYou can use different payment methods for your TV membership NOW Broadband Membership. So you can pay for your TV membership using Amex, and your broadband membership with Mastercard or Visa.

Signed up using your PayPal account?

PayPal is currently only available as a trial for some new members.

So if you signed up to pay for via PayPal and you switch your payment method to pay via credit or debit card, you won’t be able to switch back to PayPal in the future.

If you’re moving home, it’s easy to take NOW Broadband with you to your new address – check out our Home Move page for everything you need to know.

Noticed that your new card details have been updated automatically in My Account

Don’t worry – this is because NOW receives updates from banks to keep our customers' payment cards up to date. This allows us to make sure your NOW Membership isn’t interrupted when your card details change.

If you'd prefer your card details not to be updated automatically, just let your bank know.

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