Fix issues with your NOW Broadband Hub

Having trouble setting up your NOW Broadband Hub? Try these steps to get up and running quickly.


1. Check your service status 

Before you look at any issues with your Hub, first check your service status to see if there are any network outages in your area. 

If you find an outage, you’ll need to wait until this is resolved to get online.

Check service status


2. Check your Hub setup

First, check that all cables are connected correctly to your Hub and master socket, and your Hub is plugged in.

Hub setup

Help tipMake sure you hear a click each time you plug the grey cable into your Hub and master socket or microfilter, and when plugging in your microfilter (if you need one).


Do I need a microfilter?

You'll only need to use a microfilter if your master socket has only 1 port, like the one shown on the left below.

If your master socket has 2 separate ports marked 'Fibre' and 'Phone', then you don't need to use a microfilter.

Master sockets


3. What lights can you see?

Can you see 3 green lights on the front of your Hub? Then you can skip to step 4.

null null


Step 1: 

First, try moving your Hub to a different location.


If it's far away from your master socket, try moving it closer. If you're using an extension cable to connect your Hub to your master socket, try disconnecting the extension cable, and connecting your Hub directly to the master socket using only the grey cable supplied. 

Step 2: 

Move any other wireless devices away from your Hub. This could include baby monitors, printers and voice assistants.

Step 3: 

If you still only see 1 or 2 green lights and no internet light, restart your Hub by turning it off for 2 minutes, and then turning it back on again.

If you see 3 green lights when your Hub restarts, you should be able to get online.

Step 4: 

Still only seeing 1 or 2 green light on your Hub? If you've got a landline phone, check for a dial tone and whether you can make and receive calls.

If you don't have a dial tone, or you don't have a landline phone, just head to Technical checks to test your line. If there are any faults, we'll let you know if you need an engineer visit to fix the issue.


Amber internet light


This could be related to a problem with your local broadband exchange, or an issue with your NOW account.

1.    Do you have an overdue payment on your account? You can check this in Bills & payments.
Once any outstanding balance has been paid, you should be able to get online within 24 hours.

2.    Don't have any outstanding payments, or any issues with your account?

Restart your Hub by turning it off for 2 minutes, and then turning it back on again. If you see 3 green lights when your Hub restarts you should be able to get online.


4. Check your Hub location

Can you see 3 green lights, but still can’t get online or have a slow or intermittent connection? There are a few more things you can check:

•    How many devices are connected to your Hub? Having too many devices might affect your connection or speed.
•    Where is your Hub positioned? Make sure it’s not on the floor, or stuck behind the TV, and kept well away from other wireless devices, like baby monitors.
•    Where are your devices located? The nearer your device is to your Hub, the stronger your connection will be.

Location of Hub in home

Got your Hub connected, but still have slow or intermittent Wi-Fi? Try these steps to improve your Wi-Fi connection and speed. 


5. Still can’t get online?

Before you get in touch, send us photos of your Hub setup and connections so we can help you faster.

wifi icon

Problems with your Wi-Fi connection?

Send us photos of the front and back of your Hub and the connection to your master socket before you get in touch, and we'll be able to help you faster.


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