What is a viewing PIN?

NOW has got something for the whole family – but it's not all suitable for younger viewers. That's where your viewing PIN comes in. It has 2 levels: one you can choose yourself, and one you can’t.

How do I know my viewing PIN?

Your PIN will be displayed on the confirmation screen when you add a membership: 

Make a note of your viewing PIN

Good to knowYour PIN can only be controlled by you, so our advisors won't be able to reset it for you – you'll need to do this yourself online.

What do I need a viewing PIN for?

You might be asked for your PIN when watching any of the live Sky Cinema or Entertainment channels between 5.30am and 10pm, depending on the movie or show you’re watching.

Keep in mindYou’ll need to enter your viewing PIN for some live movies and shows even if you don’t have any age restrictions set up. 

Can I set my own age restrictions?

If you've got kids in the house, you can choose to set parental controls to restrict shows by age rating and stop younger viewers from watching anything they shouldn't. A viewing PIN would then be required to watch all shows and movies at your chosen age rating and above, at all times.

To change the age rating for which your viewing PIN will be required, head to the Settings & PINs area of My Account and select Change in the Parental controls section. Enter your viewing PIN, choose your desired age rating, then Save

Set your desired age restriction

This age restriction would apply to:

  • all live channels other than the Sky Cinema and Entertainment channels where a PIN is mandatory anyway
  • all on-demand movies and shows.


Watching on YouView?

You don't need a NOW PIN – just enter your YouView PIN. Don't know it? Try the default PIN of 1234, or head to the YouView site for help.


Are you an EE TV customer?

This viewing PIN is separate from your EE TV PIN, which you can change through your EE TV box. Head to the EE website to find out how to change your EE TV PIN.

If you’re only watching on your EE TV box, you don’t need a NOW viewing PIN – just use your EE TV PIN. If you want to watch on other devices, set up a viewing PIN to control what younger viewers can watch on NOW. 



No. If there are no younger viewers in your household, you don't need to set an age restriction in My Account.

You’ll still need to enter your PIN to watch the live Entertainment and Sky Cinema channels where a PIN is mandatory, but you wouldn’t need to enter it for any on-demand movies or shows.

Your Xbox and YouView box have master parental controls which will override your NOW PIN.

If you find you can't watch certain movies or shows, you might need to change the parental controls on your device to restore access. Here's how:

Xbox One & Series X/S
Find out how to change the parental controls on your Xbox

You also have the option to change your family filter settings. This will block any images or content that's rated above your preferred settings.

Find out how to change the parental controls on your YouView box
PS4 & PS5
The parental controls for PS4 and PS5 don't affect your NOW viewing. If you have parental controls set on your PlayStation, you'll still need to set your parental controls on your NOW account to your desired level.

A Payment PIN helps you control who can make purchases using the payment details stored on your account. Your Payment PIN is automatically turned off when you sign up. If you’ve got kids in the house, it’s a good idea to set up your Payment PIN to prevent them from buying something accidentally. You can do this in the Settings & PINs area of My Account, too.

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