I've forgotten my Parental or Payment PIN

Your Parental PIN helps you control what younger viewers can watch, while your Payment PIN helps you control who can make purchases using the payment details stored on your account.

Your PINs can only be managed by you, so our advisors won't be able to set or reset them for you – you'll need to do this yourself online.

I've forgotten my Parental PIN

Don't know your Parental PIN? You can create a new one in My Account. Here's how:

Step 1:

Go to the Settings & PINs area of My Account (you might need to sign in)

Step 2:

In the Parental PIN section, select Change

In the Parental PIN section, select Change

Step 3:

Select Forgotten your PIN?

Select 'Forgotten your PIN?'

Step 4:

Select Send one-time passcode 

Select 'Send one-time passcode'

Step 5:

Check your inbox for an email from us with a passcode (if you can't see it, it might have gone to your Junk or Spam folder), then head back to My Account and enter your passcode.

Step 6:

Create your Parental PIN and select Save PIN.

Select 'Save PIN'


I've forgotten my Payment PIN

If you've set up a Payment PIN but can't remember it, here's how to reset it in My Account:

Step 1:

Go to the Settings & PINs area of My Account (you might need to sign in)

Step 2:

In the Payment PIN section, select Change your PIN

Select 'Change your PIN'



Step 3:

Enter and confirm your new Payment PIN and Save PIN


Are you a BT customer?

These settings are separate from your BT PINs, which you can change through your BT TV box. Head to the BT website to find out how to change BT PINs.

If you’re only watching on your BT TV box, you don’t need a NOW PIN – just use your BT PIN. If you want to watch on other devices, use your NOW Parental PIN settings to control what younger viewers can watch on NOW. 

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