How to change or reset your viewing or Payment PIN

There are 2 types of PIN on your account: a viewing PIN that helps you control what younger viewers can watch, and a Payment PIN that helps you control who can make purchases using the payment method saved on your account.

These security settings can only be controlled by you, so our advisors won't be able to reset them for you. You'll need to do this yourself by signing in to the Settings & PINs area of My Account.


Viewing PIN

When you join NOW, you'll be assigned a viewing PIN. You'll need to enter it to watch most live Sky Cinema channels, and some live Entertainment channels, at certain times. Find out more about viewing PIN

Sign in to My Account and then select Manage account and Settings & PINs to see the settings for your viewing PIN. 

Select 'Setting & PINs' from the My Account menu

From here you can:

  • Set up a new PIN if you've forgotten yours. See I've forgotten my PIN
  • Change your parental control settings. In the Parental controls section, you can set the age ratings for which your viewing PIN will be required. Note that any age rating you set won't apply to live Sky Cinema or Entertainment channels where a PIN is mandatory.
  • Change your viewing PIN. To do this:
Step 1:

In the viewing PIN section, select Change

Select 'Change'

Step 2:

Enter your current PIN, then enter your new viewing PIN.

Enter your new viewing PIN

Re-enter your new viewing PIN, and then select Save PIN. 


The YouView box and Xbox One and Series X/S and have master parental controls which will override your NOW viewing PIN.

If you find you can't watch certain movies or shows, you might need to change the parental controls on your Xbox or YouView box to restore access. Here's how:

Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Find out how to change the parental controls on your Xbox

You also have the option to change your family filter settings. This will block any images or content that's rated above your preferred settings.


Find out how to change the parental controls on your YouView box.

PS4 & PS5

The parental controls for PS4 and PS5 don't affect your NOW viewing. If you have parental controls set on your PlayStation, you'll still need to set your parental controls on your NOW account to your desired level.


Payment PIN

Your Payment PIN is automatically turned off when you sign up.

Select My Account and then Settings & PINs to see the settings for your Payment PIN.

From here you can:

  • Turn your Payment PIN on or off. You’ll be asked for your Payment PIN first if you want to turn it off.
  • Change your Payment PIN. To do this:
Step 1:

In the TV payment settings section, select Change

Select 'Change'

Step 2:

Enter your new Payment PIN, confirm it, and then select Save PIN

Enter and confirm your new Payment PIN

Are you an EE TV customer?

These settings are separate from your EE TV PIN, which you can change through your EE TV box. Head to the EE website to find out how to change your EE TV PIN.

If you’re only watching on your EE TV box, you don’t need a NOW viewing PIN – just use your EE TV PIN. If you want to watch on other devices, set up a viewing PIN to control what younger viewers can watch on NOW. 

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