How to fix NOW Box or Smart Stick problems

Most NOW Box, Smart Box and Smart Stick issues can be fixed by trying out some of the steps below. Keep checking if your problem is resolved after each step. If it is, you won’t need to go any further.

Help tipUsing a Smart Stick? Make sure you plug it into the mains using the power lead supplied rather than powering it through your TV's USB port, which can cause instability and crashing.

Troubleshooting steps

  • Unplug both your wireless router and NOW Box or Smart Stick.
  • Wait a few minutes. Then plug your router back in first, followed by your NOW Box or Smart Stick.

You won’t need to set up your device again after doing this. Just head over to the main menu and try the NOW app again.

You can fix many issues by performing a hard reset of your NOW Box or Smart Stick to return it to its default factory settings. Find out how to reset your device

Having trouble connecting your NOW Box or Smart Stick to your Wi-Fi network? Try these quick fixes first:
  • Are there only one or two bars showing on your Wi-Fi network icon? If so, try moving your NOW Box and/or router to make your connection stronger. An HDMI extender (available from all good electronics retailers) may enable you to move your Smart Stick nearer to your router.
  • Make sure there are no serious obstructions like cement walls between your NOW device and your router.
  • Check the correct router is selected on the Select wireless network screen.
  • Is your Wi-Fi network password entered correctly? Remember, passwords are case sensitive.
  • Have you turned off ‘SSID broadcasting’ on your router? If so, you’ll need to add your network from the Select wireless network screen by selecting Add Network.
  • Try reconnecting with your router’s security turned off – this setting can sometimes interrupt the connection.

Changing the amount of ‘bits’ of data (the techie term is bitrate) streaming through your NOW Box or Smart Stick could improve your picture quality.

  • Press these buttons on your remote control:

Home x5
Rewind x3
Fast Forward x2

You'll see a screen with various bitrate options. Just select Automatic and try watching your programme again.
Your wireless signal strength varies in different parts of your home. For instance, certain household appliances or thick walls can block it, or there may even be ‘dead spots’.

Depending on where your NOW Box or Smart Stick is located, you may notice an improvement if you reposition it. Simply move it closer to your wireless router and check if that makes a difference.

This updates your software, fixing any faults in the process.

  • Start by pressing your NOW remote control buttons in this order:

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

  • Select the Update Software option that appears on the next screen.
  • Press OK, even if you already have the latest version. 

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