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How to manage your devices

When you start watching NOW on a new device, it’ll automatically be added to your account. You can keep track of the devices you're using, and remove or rename them, in My Account




Manage your devices

Just head to the Devices section of My Account (you'll need to be signed in) to see your devices listed, along with the date you last used each one.



You can add up to devices and watch on devices at the same time (3 if you have NOW Boost, or just 1 smartphone if you only have a Sports Mobile Membership).

Once you’ve added devices up to your maximum, you can make changes to your devices each calendar month.

Learn more about how many devices you can add


If you’ve already added 6 devices, you’ll need to remove one to watch NOW on a new device.

To remove a device, simply select the trash icon next to it in Devices. You’ll see a message telling you if you can add a new device this month (or warning you if you can't), and asking you to confirm you want to remove the device.

You can then start watching on your new device, and it’ll be added automatically.

Replace a device

You can rename a device you’ve added to make it easier to recognise. Just select Rename next to the device in Devices and enter the new name.

Rename my devices

When you’ve got 2 or more of the same device in your house, such as 2 PCs or 2 NOW Boxes, we recommend renaming one of them so you can tell which is which.

Use the Last used date to help you tell the difference between 2 devices with the same name.

Use the Last used date to help you tell the difference between 2 or more of the same device.


You can manage your devices through the NOW app on your Apple iOS device. To swap one of your devices:

  1. Launch the NOW app.
  2. Select My Account from the menu.
  3. Swipe left on the device you want to swap to remove it.
  4. Start watching NOW on your new device to add it.

Remove device on iOS

Shared your NOW details with someone, but no longer want them to use your account? Removing their device from your device list won't prevent them from using it again. Instead, you'll need to change your password, then force a logout for all devices. Next time that person tries to watch, they'll need to sign in with your new password (which they won't know).

You'll need to sign back in on all your devices next time you watch, too.

Follow the steps here to reset your password, and see the instructions on how to secure your account towards the bottom of the article.

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