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Viewing and understanding my bills

Viewing and understanding my bills

To see your bill, select My Account, and then View my bills (you might need to sign in with your email address and password).

What you see in your bill depends on whether you’ve got NOW TV Broadband, or if you just have NOW TV Passes.

If you've only got TV Passes, and you’ve never had NOW TV Broadband, you’ll see a summary of your purchase history.

For each Pass or product, you can see:

  • Product description
  • Discount (if applicable)
  • Price
  • Payment method
  • Order date


Sky payments

You'll also see any refunds you’ve received, as well any NOW TV Boxes you’ve bought from NOWTV.com.

Notice anything different?

We’re making some changes to the View my bills page to make it clearer and easier to use. This means that from February 2017, some customers will start to see monthly bills instead of their purchase history.

If you’ve got more than one NOW TV Month Pass, you might also receive an email from us about changes to your payment dates. Unless you’ve received an email, you won’t notice any other changes.

None of these changes will affect the amount you pay each month, so there's no need to worry.

You can see your bills for the current month and the next month. Each bill is broken down into either two or three sections: Monthly recurring charges, mid-month changes (if you’ve made any) and calls usage.

Monthly recurring charges

This covers all your regular charges for the month ahead, including your Passes, broadband, calls, line rental and any phone extras.

Mid-month changes

This covers one-off charges due to changes made to your services during the previous month.

This could include changes to your monthly NOW TV Passes, broadband plan or calls package.

Calls usage

This covers charges for any calls made outside of your package.

Handy tip Select One-off purchases to see any additional purchases made during the month, including Sports Day and Week Passes.

What will my first broadband bill look like?

If you’re new to NOW TV, your first payment will be on the day your broadband and calls go live. You’ll be charged for the month ahead for all your monthly recurring costs, including your NOW TV Combo, line rental and phone extras.

Already got one of the NOW TV Passes?
Your first broadband bill will arrive on the day you usually pay each month. It will cover all your Combo charges for the month ahead, plus part-month charges in arrears for the period since your broadband started working.
Already have more than one NOW TV Pass?

If you've already got more than one NOW TV Month Pass, and you pay for the cheapest one first each month, then you won't pay anything for this pass for the period in between your usual renewal date and your new single payment date when you order NOW TV Broadband.

To keep things simple, we’ll take the payment for your Combo (including broadband, calls and TV Passes) plus line rental and any phone extras on the same day each month after your broadband is up and running.

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