When will my NOW Broadband line go live?

Congratulations. We heard you loud and clear, your NOW Broadband is on its way.

When you joined, you’ll have received confirmation of the dates your line starts working and when an engineer will visit, if needed.

Orders & appointments

Waiting for your line to go live?

Your NOW Broadband line can go live at any time up until midnight on your go live date.



You might not need an engineer visit if there's already an active phone line and socket at your address. In this case, we can usually switch the phone line remotely.

We'll let you know if you need an engineer visit when you sign up for NOW Broadband Membership, and give you a time and date.

Keep in mindEven if you have a phone socket in your home, you might still need an engineer visit to get your line up and running.

Need an engineer visit?

An Openreach engineer will install your new phone line. Openreach are responsible for the UK’s communications access network, including the physical phone line that we use to supply NOW Broadband.

The engineer will install one master phone socket at your address.

If you’re not going to be home at the time given, get in touch to reschedule an appointment that's right for you.

Keep in mindYou’ll need to call us before 3.30pm on the working day before your original appointment if you want to reschedule.

Already got a phone line? 

We’ll switch your line remotely and you won’t need to be home. We’ll send you a text message confirming the date your broadband goes live.

Don’t have a phone line installed?

An engineer will need to visit your home to install your line. You'll need to be home on the date and time we gave you for an engineer visit when you signed up for your NOW Broadband Membership.

If this time doesn't work for you, just get in touch and we'll reschedule.

Did you add TV membership along with NOW Broadband Membership?

You can start watching right away on a whole load of devices – there’s no need to wait for your Hub to be delivered or for your NOW Broadband line to start working.

To move your current phone number to your NOW Broadband phone line, you'll need to let us know when you sign up for broadband membership.

Make sure you don't cancel your phone service with your current provider, so we can transfer your number across.

Your Hub will arrive a few days before your line is activated. It'll be delivered by Royal Mail, and we'll give you a link to track the delivery.

Keep in mindYou'll need to wait until your line is activated before setting up your Hub.

Switching from a cable broadband provider, like Virgin Media? To make sure you don't lose your broadband service, only cancel your cable broadband service after NOW Broadband is up and running.

If you're switching from a non-cable provider (like Sky, BT, EE or Plusnet) we'll work with your current provider to transfer your phone line. Your current broadband service will be cancelled automatically when your line is switched over to NOW Broadband, so you don’t need to do anything.

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