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McDonald's Monopoly Wiiiin! game

Yes, it's back! The McDonald's Monopoly Wiiiin! game gives you the chance to win a host of prizes, including millions of NOW TV Passes and thousands of NOW TV Boxes.

McDonald's Monopoly Wiiiin! game

Check out our FAQs to find out more about the McDonald's games and the NOW TV prizes you can win.

About the competition

There are 4 different Monopoly games you can play with every qualifying McDonald's purchase, 3 of which have NOW TV prizes up for grabs:

Collect to Win

Collect and complete property sets to win prizes. Collect 4 stations to win a NOW TV Smart Box along with your choice of 1-year NOW TV Pass (Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or Kids).

Instant Win

Instant prizes you could win include:

Got 10 Spares?

Turn any 10 spare property game piece combinations into your choice of NOW TV Pass:

This will differ slightly depending on which game you're playing, so check your game piece for instructions, then just head online and follow the steps to claim your prize.

Here are a couple of hints that might help you:

When you enter your details, you may be asked to select the McDonald's restaurant where you made your purchase. If you're not sure which restaurant to select, or if you made several purchases in different restaurants, please just pick the main or the most likely one.

If you're collecting properties for the Got 10 Spares? game, you don't have to wait until you've got all 10 – you can submit them as you go. The codes are associated with your email address, so make sure you use the same email address each time you add new codes. This year, McDonald's have also added the facility for you to add up to 4 codes at a time by taking a photo of them. If you need help with this, check out the McDonald's FAQs.

The last day to claim your prize was 1 June 2018.

You'll need to be over 16 and a UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands resident to play, and over 18 to claim your NOW TV prize. If you're aged 16 or 17, a parent or guardian will need to claim for you.

Yes. You are responsible for the registration, so you must be eligible under the Rules and be able to comply with them in order to redeem these Passes.

Head over to the McDonald's website to read the competition rules and FAQs.

The promotion ended on 1 May 2018, and the last date to claim your NOW TV prize was 1 June 2018.

Once you've claimed your prize, you'll need to apply your voucher to your NOW TV account by 31 December 2018

If you've read all the info here and checked out the McDonald's FAQs and you still need help, here's how to get in touch with McDonald's:

  • By phone: 0330 998 2345 (Monday to Friday: 8am–10pm; Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 11am–4pm. Telephone lines are open from 21 March to 1 June 2018.)
  • By


Signing up and claiming your prize

Yes, you can, unless you already have a Sky Sports Pass, in which case you won't be able to get a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass. But don't worry – you can still grab a Sky Cinema, Entertainment or Kids Pass. Or you can wait until your Sports Day or Week Pass ends, then redeem your offer.

When you click through to claim your prize, just select the existing customer option and sign in as usual.

If you already have an active Pass, and you win one or more free months for the same Pass, we'll amend your monthly payment accordingly. So, for example, if you've got a Kids Pass and you win a 4 month Kids Pass, when you redeem your prize we'll change your monthly payment to zero for the next 4 months.

If you're already on an offer for a particular Pass, you'll need to wait until you're in the last 30 days of your current offer before you can apply the new one – as long as that's before the final redemption date of 31 December 2018.

Not at all. NOW TV is a separate service that brings you movies, shows and sports from Sky and elsewhere.

You can watch NOW TV on loads of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and our very own NOW TV Box and Smart Stick. You don’t need a contract and you can cancel your Passes at any time.

To watch NOW TV, you need to be over 18 and living in the UK. We use your credit/debit card details to verify this and validate your account.

When your free offer ends, your Pass will usually keep rolling at the standard price, and we’ll use these card details to take your payments each month. If you don’t want to continue after your offer period, you can cancel at any time and you’ll still be able to watch until your Pass expires.

Don’t worry – '14 day trial' just refers to our standard sign-up offer. Your prize is still valid and your Pass will be working normally. Just follow the onscreen instructions to finish creating your account.

If you’re claiming a Year Pass prize and see a reference to a Month Pass, don’t worry about this, either. Once you claim your Year Pass, it'll start immediately and you'll pay nothing for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months you’ll be charged the standard monthly price, but you can cancel your Pass at any time by going to My Account and Passes & vouchers.

Your voucher code will only become used and invalid after you enter and submit your payment card details. If you start to create your account but are interrupted before submitting payment card details, your code will remain valid for use.

There are several reasons you might see Invalid voucher code when trying to claim your prize:

  • You’re trying to claim the same Pass twice. You can only have one of each type of Pass. So if you win 2 prizes, you’ll need to choose 2 different types of Pass.
  • Your code has expired. Each code is valid up to and including 31 December 2018. If you try to claim your prize after this date, you’ll see an Invalid code message.
  • The code has already been used. Each code can only be used once.

Yes! McDonald’s may need to see them to verify your claim. Verification can take place even after your win has been confirmed. Please take care not to damage your game piece – it will become void if you do.



If you’ve won a NOW TV Smart Box and a year’s free Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids or Sky Sports Pass, you’ll receive your Box within 30 days of claiming your prize. You’ll find the code for your Year Pass on the letter that comes with your Box.

If you haven't been lucky enough to win a NOW TV Smart Box, don't worry – there are loads of other devices you can watch on, including PCs, laptops, tablets, games consoles and smartphones.

First things first: before you set up your shiny new NOW TV Smart Box, you'll need to create a NOW TV account. Find the letter or game piece with details of your free Pass and how to claim it, and follow the instructions to sign up. (Make a note of the email address and password you use to create your account – you'll need these when you come to sign in.)

Once you've done this, just follow the steps here to set up your NOW TV Smart Box.


NOW TV Passes

If the Pass you’re claiming is for 1, 3 or 4 months, or a year, it’ll start straight away. (If you've already got the same Pass, your offer will be applied to next month's bill.)

If it’s a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass, it’ll be saved on your account ready for you to activate when you’re ready. To activate it, just start watching any Sky Sports channel.

No – you can only have one Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or Kids Month Pass at a time. So, for example, if you're lucky enough to win a 3 month Entertainment Pass and then you collect 10 spares to win another prize, you'll need to choose a Cinema or Kids Month Pass or a Sports Day Pass instead.

If you really want the same type of Pass again, you can wait until your current offer has fewer than 30 days to run. You should then be able to apply your next offer.

You can only have one Sky Sports Pass on your account at a time.

So, for example, if you already have a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass and you win another one, you'll need to wait until your current Pass runs out before you can add it to your account. Keep your code in a safe place until you’ve used your first Sky Sports Pass, and you’ll then be able to use your voucher code.

Just make sure you apply your voucher to your account before the expiry date of 31 December 2018.

In the Got 10 Spares? game, you can claim a maximum of 3 NOW TV Passes (each must be a different type of Pass).

The Month Pass prizes in the Instant Win game are limited to 4 per person – 1 of each type of Pass.

The NOW TV Smart Box and Year Pass prize is limited to 1 per person.

It’s easy to cancel your NOW TV Passes. You can do this at any time and still keep watching until your Pass expires.

Once you've got your Instant Win Sky Sports Week Pass, or entered your Got 10 Spares? codes to claim your Sky Sports Day Pass, you have until 31 December 2018 to apply your Pass to your NOW TV account.

Once it’s applied, you can activate it any time within the next 365 days. Your Pass will activate automatically when you start watching any Sky Sports channel. So you can redeem your offer now and get it lined up ready for kick-off whenever you're ready.

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