How do I use my NOW gift card voucher?

NOW gift cards are no longer available, but if you've already got one that's been activated, you have up to a year from the activation date to add it to your account. 


Don’t forget, the gift card must be activated first…

If a gift card was bought in a store, it needs to be activated at the checkout before leaving or it won’t work on the NOW website.


Ready to get started?

Check out our help article to find out how to apply your gift card voucher.


Got more than one voucher?

If you’re lucky enough to have two (or more) vouchers or offers for the same type of membership, you’ll have to wait until your current one has less than 30 days left on it. Then just log in to your NOW account and apply the next one.


Paying for your membership through BT, TalkTalk, Apple or Amazon?

Sorry – you won't be able to use a gift card for any memberships you pay for through a third party.

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