What is Microsoft Silverlight?


Microsoft Silverlight is software that allows protected content to be streamed on a PC or Mac. It's a free plug-in that's used by many major streaming services.

How do I install Microsoft Silverlight?

  • If you're a Windows user and you're using Internet Explorer, you can install Silverlight here.
  • If you're a Windows user and you're using Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you won't be able to use Silverlight as it's not supported for these browsers. You'll need to watch with the NOW TV Player instead, or switch to IE.
  • If you're a Mac user and you already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you can use it to watch NOW TV. However, Microsoft is withdrawing Silverlight support for Mac, so you'll no longer be able to download it. Instead, you can watch with the NOW TV Player.

Keep in mind You don't need Microsoft Silverlight to watch NOW TV on smartphones, set top boxes or games consoles.

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