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How to fix NOW TV app issues on EE TV

How to fix NOW TV app issues on EE TV

Two main problems may crop up when you’re trying to watch NOW TV on your EE TV. The first is that you may not see the app in the On Demand section. The second is that your app may be visible, but not playing correctly.

Whichever you’re facing, making sure you have the latest hardware and software installed will fix most issues. 

If that fails, you’ll have to contact EE TV. We’ll take you through what you’ll need before getting in touch with them. 

Start by updating your EE TV

Simply follow these steps to get your EE TV up to speed:
  1. While the box is online and still connected to the internet, remove the power cable from the back.
  2. After one minute, plug it back in.
  3. Making sure you don’t press any buttons, wait until the green light on your box turns red. Then switch your EE TV on using your remote control.
  4. After a few minutes, it will automatically detect any updates and install them.

If that didn’t help, get ready to contact EE TV

Before getting in touch with EE TV, you need to have your MAC address to hand, so their advisors can identify your smart box.

Find your MAC address:
  • In the main menu, go to ‘Tools & Help’.
  • Select ‘Status Menu’.
  • In the list shown, you’ll see your ‘MAC address (S/N)’.
  • Write this down exactly as it appears on screen.

Finally, get in touch with EE TV

Armed with your MAC address, head over to EE TV’s help section for further assistance.  

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