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Can I watch NOW TV with iOS 7?

Can I watch NOW TV with iOS 7?

From July 2017, you'll no longer be able to watch NOW TV on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 7. 

Why is iOS 7 no longer supported?

We're constantly improving the NOW TV app to ensure that it gives you the best possible viewing experience. This means that we can't continue to support older operating systems – we need to focus on the newer Apple OS that will benefit a larger number of viewers.

I've got iOS 7 – how do I continue watching?

To carry on enjoying NOW TV, you'll need to upgrade to iOS 8 or later.

Unfortunately, iOS 8 is not available on iPhone 4, so if you've got an iPhone 4 you'll need to find another device to watch on.

If you've got iPhone 4S or later, you can update your OS and carry on watching.

Are there any other benefits to upgrading?

Upgrading your OS means you'll be able to enjoy the most up-to-date version of the NOW TV app with all the latest features:

  • A dedicated Kids section
  • An updated video player, for a smoother experience
  • Improved search
  • Chromecast features including cue up next episode
  • A new featured sports section
  • Updated controls (pause, play, fast forward, rewind) plus 3D Touch support.

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