Sky Sports Day, Week or Month Pass

The Sky Sports Month Pass gives you a whole month of sport, while the Sky Sports Day and Week Passes let you pay only for the days you want to watch. 

That's 10 Sky Sports channels. All without a contract.


What's on Sky Sports

Can I watch the big fight on Sky Sports Box Office?

Your Sky Sports Pass doesn’t give you access to Box Office events like boxing and WWE. But you can buy these events separately and watch them with the Sky Sports Box Office app. Find out how to watch Sky Sports Box Office events


Buying a Pass as an existing NOW TV customer

It’s easy to add a Sky Sports Pass. Just go to My Account, and then My Passes. Choose from a Day, Week or Month Pass and select Buy now.

Buying a Pass as a new NOW TV customer

You’ll need to create an account before getting your Pass. Follow these steps:

  1. ​Head to
  2. Go to Choose a Pass and then Buy now next to the Sky Sports Pass
  3. Choose a Day, Week or Month Pass
  4. We just need a few details before you can buy your Pass and start watching.

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  • Sky Sport Day Pass – £6.99
  • Sky Sports Week Pass – £10.99
  • Sky Sports Month Pass – £33.99

The Sky Sports Month Pass auto-renews at the end of each month.

Whatever Pass you choose, you get access to all 10 Sky Sports channels for the period covered by your Pass: 

Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sport Arena, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports News


To watch the Sky Sports channels using a Sky Sports Pass you'll need:

The Sky Sports Month Pass will start right away, and auto-renews each month.

You can start your Sky Sports Day or Week Pass at a time that suits you. When you buy your Pass, it'll automatically be saved for you for up to a year. And it'll start automatically whenever you start watching Sky Sports. (It doesn't matter what time of day you activate your Pass – you'll still get the full 24 hours or 7 days).

Your Pass will run continuously once you start it. You won’t be able to pause your Pass.

Day and Week Pass

The one-off payment will be taken out on the day you buy your Sky Sports Pass. 

If you also have a Sky Cinema Month PassNOW TV Entertainment Month Pass or Kids Month Pass subscription, the Sky Sports Pass payment will appear separately on your statement.

Month Pass

The monthly payment will be taken on the day you buy your Sky Sports Month Pass, and on the same day each month after that. 

If you also have a Sky Cinema Month Pass or NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass or Kids Month Pass subscription, the Sky Sports Month Pass payment will appear separately on your statement.

Single monthly payments

If you're a NOW TV Broadband customer, when you buy a new Month Pass we don’t take any upfront payment. It’ll be added to your next monthly bill instead.

From February 2017, we're starting to combine payment dates for some customers who have more than one NOW TV Month Pass. If you've had an email from us about changes to your payment dates, you'll be billed in a single, monthly payment. If you haven't had an email from us, you won't notice any changes. 

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You might see onscreen messages about using the Red Button or interactive services when watching the Sky Sports channels on your Sky Sports Pass. Unfortunately, these services aren’t available on any of the Sky Sports channels with NOW TV. You can only use the Red Button on live BBC channels with a NOW TV Smart Box.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s easy to add a reminder to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss the big match.

To set a reminder you’ll need to have the NOW TV app installed (just search NOW TV in the App Store or Google Play), and be logged in with your email address and password. When you find an event that you don’t want to miss, hit Add to calendar to set a reminder.

Select 'Add to calendar'


The first time you add a reminder, or when you install the app, you’ll be asked to give NOW TV permission to access your calendar. Just select Allow, or go to your settings to grant access your calendar.

Don’t worry – we’ll never use this to access any of your personal data. You can remove permission to access your calendar at any time in Settings.

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