How to find your Watchlist and downloads in My TV

You can find shows, movies or sports events you've added to your Watchlist to watch later, or downloaded to watch on the go, in My TV

You'll find My TV in the main menu on your NOW device, the NOW app, or the NOW website (you'll need to sign in first).

Handy tipGot a NOW Smart Stick or Smart Box with 4K & Voice Search? Just press My TV on your NOW remote to go straight to your saved and downloaded shows and movies.

Select My TV to see shows, movies or sports events that you've:

  • Started watching, but haven't finished yet in Continue watching
  • Saved for later, on your Watchlist
  • Downloaded to watch on the go or on holiday (iOS and Android devices only).

Continue watching

My TV makes it easy to carry on watching something you haven’t finished, or you want to continue watching on a different device.

On demand shows, movies or sports you haven't finished watching yet are automatically added to Continue watching. Just select it to pick up from where you left off.

Keep in mindAfter a show, movie or sports event is added, you'll have 60 days to start watching again before it'll disappear from Continue watching.


On demand shows, movies and sports you’ve saved for later will appear in your Watchlist.

To save to your Watchlist, just select Add to My TV on the programme info screen.

Add to watchlist

When you’ve finished watching, or if you’ve changed your mind, select Remove from My TV to delete a show or movie from your Watchlist.

Remember, some shows, movies and sports are only available to watch for a certain amount of time – these will turn grey in your Watchlist when they’re no longer available, so don’t forget to watch before it’s too late.



This is where you’ll find shows, movies and sports you’ve downloaded on your iOS or Android device to watch when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

To add a show, movie or sports event to your downloads, just tap the download icon on the programme info screen, or next to the episode you want to download.

Keep in mindAfter you download a show, you'll have 30 days to start watching before your download is deleted, or until it expires and is no longer available on NOW – whichever is sooner.



You can find My TV on all supported devices.

Your Downloads only appear on the NOW app on iOS and Android devices. You’ll only see shows and movies that you downloaded on the device you’re using.

This could be because:

Your download’s expired

Episodes you’ve downloaded will be saved in Downloads for 30 days, or until they expire and are no longer available on NOW – whichever is sooner. Once you start watching a show you’ve downloaded, you’ve got 48 hours during which you can watch it as many times as you like. After this time it will automatically be deleted from your device.

Don’t worry if your download’s been deleted - you can download it one more time for another 30 day period.

You downloaded it on another device

Downloads are stored on your device, not in your account – so only the shows you’ve downloaded on the device you’re looking at will appear in Downloads.

You’re looking for a Kids show you downloaded

Kids downloads are stored separately. You’ll find them by tapping the My Downloads icon on the Kids homescreen on your iOS or Android device.


You’ve signed out of the NOW app

This will delete all your downloads.

You’re using an iPad or iPhone, and you went offline before the download had completed

On iOS, you can leave an episode downloading while you do something else, but you’ll need to return to the app (with a data connection) to finish the process. So for example, if you set a download in motion before getting on a flight, you’ll need to open the app briefly and check your downloads are ready before you go into airplane mode. 

Kids downloads are stored separately. You’ll find them by tapping the My Downloads icon on the Kids homescreen on your iOS or Android device.


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