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Having problems downloading shows or movies?

Can't download a show, or view an episode you’ve downloaded? Here are some common obstacles and how you can get around them.

First things first ...

Check you've got the following:

  • A Wi-Fi connection. You won’t be able to download shows via 3G/4G.
  • An Apple or Android smartphone or tablet with the latest version of the NOW TV app. Check your device is supported
  • A device slot. The phone or tablet you’re using will need to be one of your registered devices – or you’ll need a device slot free to register it. Manage your devices in My Account
  • Storage space. You’ll see an error message if you don’t have enough space on your device for the download.


There are a few reasons why your show or movie might not be there:

  • It’s expired. Episodes and movies you’ve downloaded will be saved for 30 days, or until they expire and are no longer available on NOW TV – whichever is sooner. Once you start watching a show or movie you’ve downloaded, you’ve got 48 hours during which you can watch it as many times as you like. After this time it will automatically be deleted from your device.
  • You downloaded it on another device. Downloads are stored on your device, not in your account – so only the shows and movies you’ve downloaded on the device you’re looking at will appear in My Downloads/My TV.
  • You’ve signed out of the NOW TV app. This will delete all your downloads.
  • You’re using an iPad or iPhone, and you went offline before the download had completed. On iOS, you can leave an episode or movie downloading while you do something else, but you’ll need to return to the app (with a data connection) to finish the process. So for example, if you set a download in motion before getting on a flight, you’ll need to open the app briefly and check your downloads are ready before you go into airplane mode.
  • The download was deleted when the device you downloaded it to was removed because you reached your device limit. Find out more about the device limit rules

This could be because:

  • You've downloaded it twice before. There's a limit of 2 downloads per show or movie.
  • It's already in My Downloads/My TV because you've downloaded it in the last 30 days on that device.
  • You've reached the storage limit on your device. Head to your device settings to free up some space. If you're on an Android smartphone or tablet and you're getting an error saying your device is full when it's not, try restarting your device.
  • We don't have the rights to offer downloads for that particular show or movie. While we’re working hard behind the scenes to make more and more of our shows available for download in the future, we don't have rights to offer downloads for all our shows or movies right now.

If there's a problem with your download, you may see an error message with one of these codes. Here's what they mean:

  • OVP_0002 – You've reached your device limit, so you'll need to remove a device before you can download onto a new one. You can manage your devices here.
  • OVP_0003 – You've reached your device limit, and you don't have any device swaps left this month. You'll need to wait until next month before you can register a new device.
  • OVP_0005 – You'll need a Kids, Entertainment, hayu or Sky Cinema Pass to be able to download this show or movie.
  • OVP_0006, OVP_0007, OVP_00200, OVP_00201 or OVP_00202 – Sign out of the NOW TV app and then sign back in again to fix these errors. (Note that this will delete all your downloads).
  • OVP_00013 – Your device is using a VPN, which is blocked by NOW TV. Disconnect from the VPN and try again.
  • OVP_00026 – You haven't accepted the terms and conditions. Head to to accept the T&Cs and finish signing up.
  • OVP_00307 – You've already downloaded this twice. There's a limit of 2 downloads per show or movie.
  • OVP_00308 – Your download could not be cancelled.
  • OVP_00309 – Your download may not have been deleted successfully. You could try deleting it again, or signing out and signing back in again (but be aware that this will delete all your downloads).
  • OVP_00310 – You've already downloaded this show or movie. Head to My Downloads or My TV to watch it.

If you're getting the error Unable to connect to stream or another error code that's not listed here, there are a few other things that might help:

  • Try downloading the show or movie again.
  • Sign out of the NOW TV app and sign back in again (but be aware that this will delete all your downloads).
  • Delete the NOW TV app and reinstall it.
If none of these fixes work, get in touch by live chat.

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