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How do I cancel my Passes?

We don’t want to see you leave, but if you have to go we’ve made it easy to cancel your Passes and come back to us whenever you want.




Want to cancel a Pass?

Head to Passes & vouchers, hit Cancel Pass or Manage Pass next to the Pass you don’t want any more, then follow the onscreen steps. (We recommend using a desktop, laptop or tablet to do this rather than a mobile).


Once your Pass is cancelled you’ll see a confirmation message, and get a confirmation email within 3 hours. You’ll be able to keep watching until the date your next payment was due.

Are you a BT customer?

Paying for your Passes through BT? You'll need to cancel through them, too.

If your Pass is part of a BT TV package, give them a call to find out more about how to cancel it or change your package. 

If you have a bolt-on Pass on top of your package, it will automatically renew from month to month. If you don't want it to continue, you can cancel it in My BT, or by contacting BT.

How to contact BT



No – you can only cancel here on our website in My Account. The cancel option isn't available in the NOW TV app.

You can only cancel Sports Day Passes that have been bought in the last 14 days and not activated.

To cancel a Sports Day Pass, you’ll need to chat to one of our advisors. Just select the Get in touch button on this page.

If you’re an Apple TV customer without a NOW TV account, you’ll need to go to Apple to cancel your Sports Pass.

If you have other Passes on your account you’ll need to cancel each of them individually.

This is most likely because you have more than one NOW TV account. You’ll need to sign in to each account to cancel any Passes you no longer want to use.

Find out more about how to check what accounts you hold

That depends on what Passes you’ve got.

As long as you’ve got an active Pass, your NOW TV Boost will renew automatically each month unless you cancel it. You can cancel at any time in exactly the same way as you’d cancel any of your Passes, by going to Passes & vouchers.

If you’ve only got a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass on your account, your NOW TV Boost will only run for one month, and won’t auto renew – so you don’t need to remember to cancel it.

If you cancel your last Pass (unless it’s one you pay for through a third party, like iTunes), we’ll automatically cancel your NOW TV Boost for you as well.

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