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Early cancellation fees for broadband

What are early termination charges?

If you chose a contract when you ordered your broadband and calls package, your minimum term will be 12 months.

If you cancel your broadband and calls before the end of the 12 month period, you might have to pay an early termination charge. We'll contact you to let you know if a charge is due, and how much it is.

If you chose the ‘no contract’ option and paid a one-off fee when you signed up, you won’t have to pay an early termination charge.

When do I have to pay an early termination charge?

An early termination charge only applies if you cancel NOW Broadband or the NOW TV Combo before your 12 month commitment has finished, for reasons other than those permitted under your contract (please refer to your contract for more details). 

If you end your service after the 12 month period has elapsed, no early termination charge will be applied.

What will I be charged?

The amount you're charged depends on:
  • how much of your 12 month period is left to run
  • how much of the 12 month period you’ve already been billed for
  • your broadband plan
We calculate your early termination charge based on the number of days remaining of the minimum period when your service has ended. We also take into account the period you have already been billed for. This means the amount you’re charged may not be an exact multiple of the monthly charges listed in the table.

The table below shows how much you’re charged for each month remaining based on the products that you take from us.

Broadband plan

Monthly early termination charge
Super Fibre£20.48
Fab Fibre£13.87
Brilliant Broadband£13.50

Keep in mindThe amounts above include cancellation charges for line rental.

The final early termination charge is rounded up to the nearest 25p.

The early termination charge will not be more than the charges you would have paid for your products for the remainder of the minimum term minus any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the relevant products. 

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