How do I move NOW Broadband to my new home?

There are a few things we need to do get broadband set up at your new address.

If you haven’t already done so, get in touch by phone to get your home move started.

After that, you can see how your broadband move is progressing in Orders & appointments.

Keep in mind...

You’ll need to know your moving date and new postcode when you get in touch to let us know you’re moving home.

We can’t start your broadband move until we have these details.

Moving NOW Broadband to my new address

All you have to do is get in touch by phone and tell us the address you’re moving to.

We’ll let you know if your current membership plan is available there. Or if you want to change your plan, we can sort that out too.

We’ll also tell you if you need an engineer to visit your new home to set up your broadband.

Keep in mind We can only provide membership plans that are supported by the telephone exchange at your new address. We’ll check this for you when arranging your move.


Yes, you can.

Just remember than it takes around 10 working days for us to switch your broadband to your new address, so be sure to let us know in time.

After arranging your home move, you might receive an automatically generated letter saying you’re leaving NOW Broadband. You can safely ignore this – you’ll still receive NOW Broadband in your new home.

You need to take your microfilters with you to your new home so you can set up your broadband there.

Once your phone line is active at your new address, plug your NOW Broadband Hub into your phone socket via your microfilter.

More info How do I set up my microfilters?

When your Hub is plugged in, look for the signal in available wireless networks on your Wi-Fi device. You can carry on using your existing password.

We’ll do our best to make sure you don’t have to wait to use broadband in your new home.

To give us enough time to make sure your broadband is up and running when you move in, you should let us know about your move at least two weeks beforehand.

This is because we need to check a few things at your new address, including making sure the phone line is compatible with your membership plan and organising an engineer visit (if needed).

An advisor will go over these details with you when you get in touch to let us know you’re moving.

Your NOW Calls package will be ready to use in your new home on the same day as your broadband.

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