Watching NOW on an Android TV

Your NOW Membership is available to watch on a range of Android TVs via the NOW app. You just need an active NOW Membership and one of the compatible TVs listed below that’s running Android OS 8.0 or later.

How do I get started?

Already a NOW Member?

If you’ve already got a NOW account, and a compatible Android TV running Android OS 8.0 or later, it’s easy to join in.

Make sure you’ve got an active NOW Membership by going to the NOW Membership area of My Account (you'll need to sign in, if you haven't already). Then click on Start free trial (if available) or Add membership next to the membership you want. 

Go to My Account

Once you’ve got an active membership, just sign in to the NOW app on your Android TV to start watching.

More infoI've forgotten my login details


New to NOW?

To join, head to and select a Sports, Cinema, Entertainment or Hayu Membership. If there are any offers or free trials available, you'll find them here.

Go to

Then just complete your details to create your account. Once you’ve signed up, just go to the NOW app on your Android TV and enter your login details to start watching.



You can find the NOW app on any of the Android TV brands listed below. Just search for 'NOW' in the Google Play Store to download it.

  • Sony
  • Sharp
  • Philips
  • Panasonic
  • Bush
  • Hitachi
  • Toshiba
  • JVC
  • TCL
  • Technika
  • Cello


Keep in mindYour TV will need to be running Android OS 8.0 or later.

You can also use a Chromecast or Nvidia Shield to watch NOW, and loads more devices too.

To use the NOW app you’ll need one the compatible smart TVs listed above that's running Android OS 8.0 or later.

You can watch all of the following on your Android TV with NOW Boost. It costs just £6 a month, and for that you get:

  • All the Sky Sports channels and on-demand content – plus, Sky Sports channels stream at 50fps
  • Selected sports Bonus Streams, where the video feed allows for higher stream quality. (Bonus Streams are available for Sports Month Members only. Dolby 5.1 surround sound isn't available for Bonus Streams)
  • All the live Sky Cinema channels, plus all on-demand movies
  • All the live Entertainment channels except Cartoonito and Nicktoons, which aren’t in HD, plus selected box sets and limited on-demand kids' episodes
  • A very limited selection of Hayu box sets. 

NOW Boost will renew automatically each month (unless you cancel it) as long as you’ve got an active monthly membership.

Keep in mindYou'll need an internet speed of at least 12Mbps to stream in 1080p. Find out more about NOW Boost

This might be because the Google Play Store needs to be updated. To make sure you have the latest version:

  1. Open the Settings screen.
  2. Select Apps and then See all apps, (Android OS 9 or later) or just select Apps (Android OS 8.0 or earlier).
  3. Select the 'Google Play Store' app.
  4. Select Clear cache, then OK.

Still can't see the NOW app? Try the following steps:

  1. Select Clear data, then OK.
  2. If the option is displayed, select CLEAR ALL DATA and then OK.

If you’re having issues with the NOW app, you might need to upgrade your Android TV to the latest OS version. Your TV should be running Android OS 8.0 or later to use the NOW app.

For general streaming problems, see our tips on how to fix issues with slow loading or buffering.

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