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What devices can I use to watch NOW?

Want to watch from the sofa on your big screen? Or stream on the go on your smartphone? No problem – check below to see what devices you can get NOW on.

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Here’s a full list of supported devices:

Set-top boxes and streaming devices
Select to see clever boxes, sticks and other devices that plug straight into your TV.


Not supported at the moment: Virgin Media Player


Introducing the NOW Smart Stick

Just plug straight in to your TV to stream NOW on your big screen. Plus connect to loads of clever apps, like Netflix, Virgin Media Player, All 4 and YouTube.

NOW Smart Stick


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Smart TVs
Select to see TVs that come with the NOW app already installed or available to download.




  • LG: selected Smart TV models

    Keep in mindThe NOW app is no longer supported on LG NetCast TVs.

  • Samsung TVs: 2016 models and later (see the Samsung info here for details).

    Keep in mindNOW isn't supported on Samsung Serif TVs.

  • Sony TVs: 2016 models and later

    Keep in mindOnly Sony Smart TVs running Android OS 8.0 or later are supported.

Not supported at the moment: Panasonic or Toshiba Smart TVs

Tablets and smartphones
Select to see which mobile devices you can download the NOW app on.



Check if you can stream NOW on your Android device


Apple iOS

iPhone: 5S and later
iPad: 5th generation or later, plus iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or later
iPod Touch: 6th generation or later.

All devices with iOS 11 or later are supported.

iOS 9 & 10 are no longer supported

The NOW app no longer supports iOS 9 or 10. If your iOS device is running on 9 or 10, you'll still be able to watch for as long as the app works for you, but you won't receive any updates like new features and bug fixes.

If your device supports later iOS versions, we recommend you update to 11 or later.


Keep in mindYou can't use AirPlay to stream or mirror NOW from any iOS device.



All tablets with Windows 7 or later

Not supported at the moment: Windows smartphones

Laptops and computers
Select to find out how to watch NOW on your PC or Mac.


Using the NOW Player:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or later

More info Watching NOW on a Windows PC

More info Watching NOW on a Mac

Not supported at the moment: Chromebook

Games consoles
Select to see which games consoles the NOW app is available on.


  • Xbox One

    Keep in mindThe NOW app might not work if you're taking part in the Xbox One Update Preview.

  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5.

Not supported at the moment: Nintendo Wii


Got a NOW Sports Mobile Membership?

You can only watch your Mobile Membership on supported iOS or Android smartphones.


Can I watch NOW on my Sky box?

You won’t be able to stream NOW on your Sky box. But if you want to watch movies, shows and sport on your big screen, why not check out our NOW Box or NOW Smart Stick?

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