How do I change my payment method or billing address?

Need to update your card details or billing address, or want to switch to pay via your PayPal account?

No problem – you can sort that out online in My Account.



Got a new payment card?

Update your card details or switch to PayPal in My Account.



Once you've confirmed your new card details, all future payments will be billed to your new card.

Unfortunately there are some Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards we don't accept at the moment.

If you can't save the details for your prepaid card, please try using a different payment card instead.


Subscribing to NOW via Amazon?

If you're paying for your membership through Amazon, head to the Memberships & Subscriptions area of your Amazon account to manage your payments.

Signed up using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is currently only available as a trial for some new members.

So if you signed up with Apple Pay and you switch to a different payment method, you won't be able to switch back to Apple Pay for the time being.