Managing my devices

When you sign in to NOW on a new device, it’ll automatically be added to your account and we'll send you an email to make sure it's you. You can keep track of the devices you're using in My Account. Just head to the Devices area to see them all listed, along with the date you last signed in on each one.

Good to knowSome devices may appear twice in your list, and you may get duplicate emails from us when you sign in on a new device. Don't worry – you're only signed in once on each device.


How to sign out of all your devices

If you don't recognise a new sign-in, we recommend protecting your account by changing your password and then selecting Sign out of all devices on the Devices page.

You’ll need to enter your new password when you log back in on each device – so no one will be able to use your account without your consent.

Keep in mindThe device you're using to sign out from will stay signed in, so you'll still see it in your device list.


Watch on 1 device at a time – or 3 if you have NOW Boost

If you've got NOW Boost, you can stream on 3 devices at a time. Otherwise, it's just one.


Getting a 'too many streams' error message?

If you're trying to watch on 2 devices at once, but you don't have Boost, you'll see an error message such as, 'You're trying to stream on too many devices at once'. You'll either need to stop watching on the second device or upgrade to Boost. Find out more about Boost

If this doesn't apply to you, because you're only trying to watch on 1 device or because you've got Boost, check out these possible causes and what you can do to fix the problem:


Possible cause


How can I fix it?

Someone else is currently streaming using your accountAnother member of your household could be watching, or maybe you shared your account with someone else.Check the Devices area of My Account to see what devices are in use. See 'How to sign out of all your devices' above if you need to remove someone's access.
You were recently watching on a different deviceOur system hasn't yet registered that you've stopped watching on the other device.When you stop watching on a device, make sure you exit the show or movie you were watching rather than just pressing pause, turning off the TV or closing the app. This will signal that the stream has ended.
If you don't do this, you might need to wait up to 10 minutes before you can start watching on another device.
You've recently added Boost, but your account isn't reflecting this yetIf you've added Boost via our website, your account could take up to 4 hours to update. (This won't apply if you added Boost via your Smart Stick, Box, smart TV, PlayStation or Xbox.)You can check if your account's updated by heading to My Account. If Boost is showing as active there, you're good to go. If not, you can trigger your account to update by signing out and signing back in again.
Your browser or computer crashed during playbackOur system thinks you're still watching.Try waiting 10 minutes before watching again. 



You can't manually remove a device from your account, but if you see a device you don't recognise in your device list you can change your password and sign out of all devices to prevent access.

When you’ve got 2 or more of the same device in your house, such as 2 PCs or 2 NOW Smart Sticks, you can use the Last signed in date to help you tell the difference between them.