How to join NOW through your LG TV

You can become a NOW Member through your LG device in just a few easy steps.

Keep in mindNOW is no longer available on LG NetCast TVs.

Step 1:

Launch the NOW app. (This should already be pre-installed on your LG TV. For some older models, you may need to run a software update to get it to appear.)

Step 2:

Select My Account.

Step 3:

Select Cinema, Entertainment or Hayu and Join in (or start free trial, if available). 

For Sports, select Sports or Sports Extra and choose a Day or Month Membership.

Step 4:

Enter your personal details and choose a password to create a NOW account.

Step 5:

View and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and select Continue

Step 6:

Enter your payment details to activate your NOW Membership. If you have a voucher code, enter this too.


Did you exit before the sign-up process was finished?

You'll need to go to on a PC or Mac to finish signing up.

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