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How do I view my payment history?

Want to check a NOW TV payment appearing on your bank statement? Just head to the Payment history section in My Account:

Payment details


Need to check a payment?

See your payment history in My Account.



Here you can see all the payments you’ve made in the last 18 months. This includes your monthly NOW TV Passes, as well as Sports Day Passes.

You’ll also see any refunds you’ve received and any NOW TV Boxes or Smart Sticks you’ve bought from

For each Pass or product, you’ll see:

  • Product description
  • Discount (if applicable)
  • Price
  • Payment method
  • Order date.


Failed payments are shown in red in your payment history. This means we tried to take the payment using your saved card details, but were unable to complete the transaction.

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You can view your Passes and cancel them at any time in My Passes. Just select Cancel next to the Pass you want to stop.

With NOW TV, you can mix ‘n’ match your Passes, and add or cancel them whenever you like.

Can’t see the Pass you’re paying for in your Payment history or My Passes?

This could be because you have more than one NOW TV account. You can use our Account Finder to check for NOW TV accounts you might've forgotten about.

Go to Account Finder

Just enter your name and the last 4 digits of the payment card you think you signed up with, and we'll check for any matching accounts.

Unless cancelled, the first monthly payment for your Pass will be taken 7 days after you signed up for the free trial.

You can check the date your first payment is due in My Passes.

We’ll normally take your first monthly Pass payment on the day you buy it, or at the end of your free trial, and then on the same day in each month that follows.

However if you buy multiple month Passes at the same time, we might sometimes choose to take your next payments for each Pass on different days. This helps the banks to process your payments correctly. 

Don’t worry – when we spread out your monthly payments in this way, we always make sure that your payment date comes after the day of the month of your first payment. So you’ll get more days for the price of your month Pass, not fewer.

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