Unexpected charges when signing up for NOW or starting a free trial

Are you seeing unexpected charges of up to £1 when you join NOW or start a free trial, on top of any other payments for your NOW Membership and products?

Don’t worry – these are just temporary authorisation charges to check that your payment details are valid, and aren’t actually taken from your account. These pending transactions are normally returned to your balance right away, but might sometimes take a little longer, depending on your bank.

Here’s when you might see authorisation charges on your account or bank statement:


Authorisation when joining NOW

When you join NOW and create an account, you might see multiple authorisation charges appear on your account. 

This is because we authorise your NOW account and any free trials you sign up for separately. So you could see one authorisation charge for your account sign up, and another authorisation charge for the free trials you’ve added.


Authorisation when starting a free trial

After you’ve joined for NOW, you might also see an authorisation charge any time you start a free trial for a NOW Membership you haven’t had before. 

If you start multiple free trials at the same time, you could see separate authorisation charges for each free trial.


Are you seeing unexpected monthly charges for NOW Membership you’ve cancelled, or for a membership type you were unaware you had on your account? Read this article.


Other unexpected charges?

If you have additional charges for NOW products that you don't recognise or that you thought you'd cancelled, this could be because you have more than one NOW account. You can use our Account Finder to check for NOW accounts you might've forgotten about.

Just enter your name and the last 4 digits of your payment card, and we'll check for any matching accounts.

Keep in mindIf you signed up with a minimum-term plan and cancelled during the minimum term, your cancellation won’t take effect until your plan ends.

Can I get a refund?

If you think you've been charged when you shouldn't have been, chat to our NOWbot to find out if you're eligible for a refund.

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