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My final broadband bill

Not sure what to expect when you cancel your NOW Broadband & Calls service or switch to a new provider? Here are answers to some common questions:


Will my payments stop automatically when I cancel NOW Broadband or switch to another provider?

Yes, your payments will stop automatically once you’ve switched to a new provider, or let us know you want to cancel your service.

It's important you don't cancel your payment arrangement with us, as further payments or refunds may still be due.

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How is my final bill calculated?

As you pay in advance for your NOW Broadband & Calls package, on your last payment date before your services end you'll pay just for the days from that point until your end date. If you're cancelling NOW Broadband before the end of your contract, we'll add any early termination charges to this bill too.

Any charges for calls made outside your package made in this period will be taken in a separate payment after your end date, along with any credits or refunds due to you.


Will I need to pay any early termination fees?

If you signed up for a minimum term when you joined NOW Broadband and you cancel before the end of your term, you might need to pay early termination charges.

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