Why can't I add more devices?


Due to rights restrictions, we have to limit the number of devices you can add each month.
You can add up to 4 devices. Once you’ve added your 4 devices, you can make one change to your devices each calendar month.

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This means that even if you’ve removed more than one device, you can still only add one device each calendar month. So you might still see the message above when you have fewer than 4 devices added.


Managing my devices

To see what devices you have registered and to remove devices, select My Account and then Manage devices. (If you see the sign in page, enter either your username or email address, and your password.)

Error messages

If you try to watch NOW TV on a new device after you’ve added 4 devices, you'll see a message that looks like one of these (depending on which device you're using):

Error message displayed on NOW TV Player when you've registered the maximum number of devices.

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If you try to watch NOW TV on a new device when you’ve already made your change this month, you’ll see this message:

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If you try to watch NOW TV on 3 or more devices at the same time, you'll see this message:

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