Top broadband FAQs

During this busy time, we want to make sure we can help members who really need us. So we’d appreciate it if you only contact us if it’s really critical. We've put together a few tips that we hope might save you a long wait trying to get through to us.

Having trouble with your broadband?

Check your service status

If you’re experiencing technical problems with your broadband service, including no connection or Wi-Fi connectivity issues, your first step should be to sign in to your account and check your service status.

You can run your own line test to see if there are any known issues with the broadband in your area, and even book an engineer for any external line fault detected without the need to contact us.

Technical support for other broadband & calls issues

  For other issues, browse all our broadband help articles.  


Account and billing queries

You can view your bills in the Bills & payments section of My Account.

If you need to change the card you pay with, you can do this online in Payment details, as long as it’s before your payment due date. 

Looking to transfer your broadband account over into someone else's name, for example because someone else is moving in to your property and wants to take over the service? Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the name on the account. You'll need to cancel your Broadband Membership and the new user will need to set up an account in their name.  

To pay an outstanding bill, you'll need to give us a call. Select the Get in touch button on this page and please bear with us as we try to answer your call as soon as we can. 


Waiting for your broadband to go live?

You can check the progress of your order and view engineer appointments in the Track my order section of My Account.

Remember, your NOW Broadband line can go live at any time up until midnight on your go-live date.

For more info, see I’ve ordered NOW Broadband – what happens next?

Looking to cancel your NOW Broadband Membership?

In many cases, you don’t need to contact us to cancel your broadband membership. Before getting in touch, check whether it’s necessary by reading How do I cancel my NOW Broadband Membership?

If you’re terminating your contract early, there may be a fee to pay. See our Early termination charges article for more info.


Do you have accessibility needs?

If so, you can find out about our accessibility support here. For those of you who do need to get in touch, we’re working hard to answer your call as soon as possible. Please help us to keep communication channels open for those who need them by only contacting us if it’s essential. 

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