How do I find my payment date?

Your payment date depends on which NOW Membership you have.

Just answer a couple of quick questions to find out when your next payment is due. Firstly:

Are you a NOW Broadband Member?


Yes No


I'm waiting for my NOW broadband line to go live


Paying for your NOW Membership through EE TV?

Check your payment dates and see a full breakdown of your bill in your EE TV account.


Subscribing to NOW via Apple, Amazon or TalkTalk?

Do you pay for your NOW Membership via Apple? You can view your subscriptions dates and payment info in your Apple account.

If you're paying for your membership through Amazon, just head to the Memberships & Subscriptions area of your Amazon account to check your subscription dates.

If you're with TalkTalk, you can check your payment dates in your TalkTalk account.