Broadband setup checklist


If you've already received your NOW TV Hub, check the date on the big sticker on the packaging. This is the date we’ll get your broadband up and running and you can start browsing.

Don’t have your Hub yet, or don’t have the packaging anymore? Check the welcome letter we sent when you signed up to NOW TV Broadband.

NOW TV Hub packaging

You can also find the date you broadband will start working by using our online order tracker. Just sign in with your NOW TV username and password.

Keep in mind Your broadband could start working any time up till midnight of the date on your NOW TV Hub packaging.

To make sure you get the fastest possible broadband speeds, try connecting your NOW TV Hub to your master phone socket through a microfilter. You should also connect a microfilter to each phone socket you use in your home.

Got a pre-filtered phone socket?

You don't need microfilters if you have a pre-filtered phone socket (one with two different ports).


A pre-filtered phone socket

Don’t have enough phone sockets?

Got lots of devices around the house connected to phone sockets? You might need splitters - a splitter lets you connect more than one device to a single socket.

Each splitter needs to be connected to the phone socket via a microfilter. Make sure you connect the splitter to the microfilter socket marked Phone.

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The power light will turn white. If not, check your Hub is plugged in properly at the mains.

NOW TV Hub power light

When you first install your Hub, it'll download software to get it up and running.

Your internet connection might be slow or intermittent while this is happening. Leave 20 minutes for this process to finish before carrying on.

To connect using Wi-Fi, make sure your computer or device’s Wi-Fi setting is switched on. The Wi-Fi symbol can be found in the notification area or task bar at the bottom of your screen.

Also, check that you can see your network in the list of available networks. Unless you've changed it, your Wi-Fi network name will be 'NOWTV' followed by five numbers and letters.

For example, NOWTV A2345.

To connect using Wi-Fi, jmake sure you enter your Wi-Fi password (also called the security key) correctly.

You can find your Wi-Fi password on the back of your Hub and also on the Connect card in your Hub pack.

Remember Your password is always in capital letters. It doesn’t contain any numbers.

You might be asked for your Wi-Fi PIN instead of the password – this is also printed on the back of your Hub and on your Connect Card.

Now TV Hub & Connect Card

It’s important to keep your Hub permanently switched on. This'll ensure your broadband speed and connection are stable and more reliable.

Now TV Hub

To avoid an intermittent or slow Wi-Fi connection, make sure other signals or obstacles aren’t interfering with the signal from your NOW TV Hub.

Tips for a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection:
  • Keep your Hub in or near the room where you're most likely to use your computer or other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Avoid placing your Hub in the corner of the room or on the floor.
  • Keep your Hub away from electrical devices such as microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors, as these can slow down your Wi-Fi.
  • Update the wireless drivers on the computer or device that you’re trying to connect.

Your Wi-Fi signal should be able to pass through most obstacles in your home. However, floors, walls and other materials such as brick, stone, concrete and metal can slow down your connection.

Some reflective objects can also deflect your Wi-Fi signal. These include mirrors and Christmas decorations.

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