How to fix streaming problems on Apple TV

Picture quality not what it should be when trying to watch NOW? Perhaps the sound on your Apple TV is a little fuzzy? We’ll point you to the best fixes for whatever problem you’re having.

If the app isn’t loading

An app that takes a while to load or keeps pausing video to load more content, is likely to be affected by buffering. Follow the simple steps in buffering help for Apple TV.

Check if the playback issue is caused by the app or TV

To do this, try playing a video on a different app. If the other app plays smoothly, then your NOW app is at fault. However, if the problem continues, then the issue is with your Apple TV.

Poor video quality or audio issues

If your screen’s blank, your picture is blurry or distorted, or you’re having problems with colour or sound, the following article might help:

Troubleshooting Apple TV video issues 


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