Fix issues with slow loading or buffering

When you watch NOW, the video stream isn’t sent to your device in one go. Instead it’s sent in bite-size ‘packets’. If there’s a delay – often caused by a slow network – your show pauses while it waits for the next packet. This is known as buffering.


Quick buffering tips

Reduce number of devices
Reduce the number of devices in use

Having multiple devices on your internet network can slow loading time. Are you, or is someone else, using a games console, mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac on the same network? Disconnecting them should help speed up your NOW streaming.

Stop large downloads
Stop any large downloads

If you’re playing online games, or downloading or uploading large files while trying to watch a show, this streaming of heavy data could cause buffering.

Test Internet connection speed
Test your internet connection speed

At busy times, some internet service providers may deliberately slow down your connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi or broadband, you need a speed of at least 2.5Mbps. For 3G or 4G devices the minimum speed needed is 450Kbps.

Check your speed using one of these websites:

Still having problems? Try the steps below for your device:

Is your show still stopping and starting? Try the following:

Exit and restart your show

To do this, press the Back button () on your NOW remote. Then just select your show or movie again, and start watching.

Close the NOW app

Press Home on your NOW remote to exit the app. Then press NOW to open the app and try your show again.

Manually adjust your data settings

Changing the amount of ‘bits’ of data (the techie term is bitrate) streaming through your NOW Box or Smart Stick could reduce buffering.

Press these buttons quickly on your remote control:

1. Home x5
2. Rewind x3
3. Fast Forward x2

You’ll see a screen with various bitrate options. Just select ‘Automatic’ and try watching your programme again.

Connect your Box with an ethernet cable

If you're using a NOW Box and it's positioned near your router, try connecting with an ethernet cable to avoid any Wi-Fi problems.

If you've tried our quick fixes and are still experiencing buffering, try the following:

1. Set up a wired connection

On your PlayStation, go to Settings, followed by Network. Pick Setup Internet Connection, and choose LAN Cable. Next, select Easy and then Test connection to finish.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the NOW app

Start by deleting the NOW app:

  • On the main menu, go to TV/Video and find the NOW App.
  • Press Options on your DualShock 4 (Controller) and select Delete.

Next, erase the app data:

  • Go to Settings, and then System Storage Management.
  • Select Application Saved Data, and choose Saved Data from System Storage.
  • Highlight NOW, then select Options on your DualShock 4 (Controller), followed by Delete.

Lastly, re-install the app:

  • Go back to TV/Video, find the NOW app and press X to reinstall it.

Step 1: Check your home network

  • If you’re using a wireless network, use your Apple TV menu to check your signal strength: Go to Settings, then General, then About.
  • Low signal strength could be improved by making sure your Apple TV is within range of your base station and there’s no interference. Get more info about sources of wireless interference so you know what to avoid.
  • Lastly, if the above steps didn’t help, try using a wired (Ethernet) connection. If your playback improves, it’s a sign that your Wi-Fi base station or router is faulty.

Step 2: Update your Apple TV software

  • To check for available updates, go to Settings, then General, then Update software.
  • If an update appears, click Download and Install to start the process.

Step 3: Change your network settings

  • From your Apple TV menu, select: Settings, followed by General, then Network and then Configure TCP/IP.
  • On the Network Setup screen, select Automatically.
  • Restart your Apple TV and router.

This is just a summary of the steps you can take. For more details, head over to the Apple TV troubleshooting playback page.

If you’ve given the above suggestions a try and your NOW show still isn’t streaming properly, select the Get in touch button on this page to contact us and we’ll investigate.