Do I need a TV licence to watch NOW?

Whether you need a TV licence to watch NOW depends on what devices you have in your home.

I have a TV in my home

If you have a TV in your home, you'll need to buy a TV licence, even if you only stream NOW using other devices.

Government guidelines state that:

"Once you are in possession of a television set capable of receiving television broadcasts, you are required to have a Television Licence. Effectively, it is the set that is licensed, not the ability to receive television broadcasts."

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I don't have a TV in my home

If you don't have a TV in your home, and you only stream NOW using other devices (such as a computer, tablet or games console) that don't contain a TV tuner card, then you won't need a TV licence.

Government guidelines state that:

"So long as the computer is unable to display television channels distributed by conventional television broadcasting networks (i.e. cable, satillite, IPTV, analogue terrestrial, digital terrestrial or MMDS) e.g. using a television tuner card or similar device, then there is no requirement to hold a Television Licence."

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