How do I return my old NOW equipment for recycling?

At NOW, we're committed to delivering better, more sustainable products. Plus we’re always looking at ways to make things brilliantly easy for our members.

For that reason, we make it as simple as possible for you to return the NOW equipment you don’t need anymore. By returning your old equipment, you'll be minimising your environmental impact and helping to reduce global climate change.

Electrical equipment shouldn't be disposed of with your general household rubbish – it’ll be sent to landfill, which is harmful to the environment. Instead you can return your old equipment to us, free of charge.

How do I return my equipment?

Just get in touch to let us know you’ve got equipment you no longer need, and we’ll take it from there. You’ll be able to return your old equipment free of charge.

What happens to the NOW products I return?

We reuse or recycle every single product that we receive back. The equipment is either refurbished or their parts broken down and recycled.

Can I only return NOW branded equipment?

You can return any electrical products we’ve given you. They don’t have to be NOW branded.

Got an old NOW Box?

If you've recently upgraded or changed your NOW Box, you can send your old box back to us in the plastic bag provided.