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What's the highest streaming quality for my device?

What's the highest streaming quality for my device?

Streaming quality can vary between devices and internet connection at the time. Please see the table below for details.

Maximum available streaming quality

Device typeDeviceMaximum resolution
Tablets and smartphonesAndroid & iOS720p
Windows tablet (using NOW TV app)720p
Windows tablet (using browser)SD
Big screen devicesWindows PC (using browser)SD
Windows PC (using NOW TV app or NOW TV Player)720p
Mac (using NOW TV Player)720p
All other
(Apple TV, Chromecast, EE TV, LG TV, NOW TV Box, NOW TV Smart Box, Roku, PS3, PS4, Samsung TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Standard Definition (SD) is comparable to a regular TV channel.

We're constantly looking into ways to develop our service, so higher quality streaming is something we hope to introduce in the future.

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