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Sky iD and NOW TV

We've made a change to our systems which means that Sky iDs and NOW TV accounts, which used to be linked, are now completely separate.

Check out our FAQs to find out how to create and manage your Sky and NOW TV accounts.


If you're a Sky customer looking to create a NOW TV account, you can use the same details to sign up as you use for Sky, but they'll be held separately. So your NOW TV account will be independent from your Sky account.

You won't be affected at all unless you change your login details (see below).

If you're both a Sky customer and a NOW TV member and you want to change your password, you'll need to update it for both accounts. Changing your NOW TV password won't update your Sky account, or vice versa. So if you change your Sky password and try logging in to NOW TV with the new password, it won't work.

The same applies if you update your name, title, email address or communication preferences. For consistency and to avoid confusion, if you change any of your personal details we recommend you update both accounts at the same time.

To use Sky Store, you'll need a Sky iD.

If you're a Sky customer:

You'll already have a Sky iD, and you can log in to Sky Store with these details.

If you're a NOW TV member only:

  • New to Sky Store? You'll need to create a Sky iD before you can use it. Just head online to set up your free account.
  • Logged in to Sky Store before through your NOW TV device? Your device should remember your details, so you should be able to carry on shopping as usual. If you've switched your device off or reset it, you might see a message like this:

Sky Store error message on NOW TV Box

If you get this, you'll need to create a Sky iD before you can log in. Head over to to create a Sky iD.

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