Connecting an Android device to my Wi-Fi network

Before you start, switch on your Android device and make sure your hub is connected to the internet.

Keep in mindSome menus on your device may have different names or icons to those shown below.

Step 1:

Select the Apps icon from the Home screen of your Android device.

Apps icon Android device

Step 2:

Choose Settings, then Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi settings

Step 3:

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

Turn on Wi-Fi

Step 4:

Select Wi-Fi and choose your Wi-Fi network from the list.

You can find your Wi-Fi network name on the back or bottom of your NOW Hub and on the Connect card that came with your Hub.

Wi-Fi settings

What does my network name look like?

Unless you've changed it, your Wi-Fi network name will be something like 'NOWTV' followed by five numbers and letters. For example, NOWTV A2345.

Step 5:

Enter your Wi-Fi password exactly as it's printed on the back or bottom of your Hub and select Save or Connect.

Add Wi-Fi Network

You can find your password on the back or bottom of your NOW Hub and on the Connect card that came with your Hub.

When you type your password you’ll see a series of dots instead of letters. Don’t worry, your keyboard isn't broken, this is just for security reasons.

Your Android device will remember this connection and connect automatically whenever it’s in range of your Hub.

Having problems getting online?

If you can’t get online with your Android device, first check to see if you can connect to the network using another device, such as a laptop or iPad.

If you can view websites with another device and the problem is only affecting your Android device, you'll need to refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Check service status

Still can't get online?

Check your service status for network updates and troubleshooting tips.


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