App not working on NOW TV Box


If you’re having a problem with any of the apps on your NOW TV Box, either the app needs updating or your NOW TV software needs a refresh.

First, update the app

Check if the app provider has released a newer version. Their website will have more information and let you know how to update it.

Next, update your NOW TV Box

This updates your software, fixing any faults in the process.

  • Start by pressing your NOW TV remote control buttons in this order:

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

  • Select the Update Software option that appears on screen.
  • Press OK, even if you already have the latest version. 

After that, close and relaunch the app. It should be working fine now.

Having trouble opening BBC iPlayer?

Great news! The BBC iPlayer app is now up and running again. However, we've been made aware that some customers can't open BBC iPlayer by selecting catch up content from our homepage.

If you can't open BBC iPlayer this way, go to the Apps page instead, select BBC iPlayer from there and then search for the show you want to watch.

Connecting your NOW TV Box to your TV with an HDMI cable? Follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select Display Type
3. Select 720p HDTV.

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