Telecare or Care alarms with a NOW TV phone line


What are Telecare and Care alarms?

Telecare alarms or Care alarms are devices that are connected via a working telephone line to a monitoring centre and used by the elderly or vulnerable to raise an alarm in an emergency. These include panic buttons, pendants or wall-based communications consoles.

Which alarms are compatible with my NOW TV phone line?

We’ve worked with a number of major alarm providers to test the most common alarm units on our network. The following alarms are compatible with a working NOW TV phone line:
  • Tunstall – Lifeline Connect+, Lifeline 400, Lifeline 4000+ and Lifeline Vi/Vi+
  • Tynetec – Sayphone2 and Reach
  • Chubb – CareUnity and Intellilink

How do I make sure my alarm is set up correctly?

Incorrect setup is the most common cause of issues with Telecare alarms.

Step 1:
First, make sure your alarm is connected properly according to the instructions in the user guide.

Step 2:
Next, make sure your alarm is connected to your phone line via a microfilter.

A microfilter is a small white box that connects to your phone socket. Two microfilters are supplied with your NOW TV Hub. These stop interference between your broadband and other devices that use your phone line.

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I'm having trouble using my Telecare alarm

If you’re having issues with your phone line and it’s affecting your Telecare service, get in touch by phone or Live Chat, and we’ll look into it for you.

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