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How do I find my payment date?

To see the next payment date for your NOW TV Passes, just go to My Account and then select Bills & payments (you might need to sign in with your email address and password).

You'll also see a full breakdown of your payments, including recent and upcoming payments.

If no upcoming payment date is shown in Bills & payments, this may be because your Pass has been cancelled.

You can check if your Pass is still active in Passes & vouchers. Just hit Restart if you need to add the Pass again.

Do you have a 7 day free trial for the Cinema Month Pass, Entertainment Month Pass, Kids Month Pass or hayu Month Pass? Then your first payment will be taken the day after your free trial ends. Your future payments will then be taken on the same day each month after that.

Payments for the Sky Sports Day, Week, Month and Mobile Month Pass will be taken on the day you sign up. Future payments for the Sports Month Pass or Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass will be taken on the same day each month after that.

Got one of our Month Passes? When a shorter month comes around, your payment date will be moved to the last day of the month.

All future payments will then be taken on this day of the month too.

All NOW TV payments appear as on your bank or card statement.

No. Your payments are taken separately for each Month Pass.

So if you add another Month Pass, and your first payment falls on a different day to your existing Pass, you’ll have 2 different payment dates each month.

Ordering a NOW TV Box or NOW TV Smart Stick from Your payment will be taken as soon as you place your order.

Bought a NOW TV Box or Smart Stick bundle with a Pass included? You'll pay for the pack either in store or online on the day of purchase. After that, your first monthly payment date will be the day your Pass expires, unless you cancel before then.

Not sure when your pass expires? You can check this in Passes & vouchers.

For example...

If your NOW TV Box or Smart Stick came with a 3 month NOW TV Entertainment Pass, which you added to your account on 07/07/2018, then your first payment date will be 07/10/2018.

After that your payment date will be the 7th of each month.

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