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Low or insufficient power warning for NOW TV Smart Stick

There are 2 ways to power your NOW TV Smart Stick:

  • By using the power adaptor to connect to the mains – this is the way we recommend
  • Through the USB port in your TV.

(Whichever way you choose, the Stick needs to remain plugged in – unlike a mobile phone, it doesn't store a charge.)


If you’re using the USB port, you may see one of these warnings on your screen: 

Insufficient power error message for NOW TV Smart Stick


Low power error message for NOW TV Smart Stick

This means the USB power provided by the TV isn’t enough to charge the Smart Stick. Even though your Smart Stick may seem to be working, running with insufficient power can lead to instability, crashing, and other unpredictable behaviour.


What to do if you see the low power warning

The easiest thing to do if you see this warning is to plug your Smart Stick into the mains outlet using the power adaptor provided, instead of the USB port. 

This has the added advantage that your Smart Stick won’t need to power up every time you turn on your TV. So it’ll be up and running faster than it would be if it were only connected to your TV.

If you don’t want to connect to the mains, or your power outlet is too far away, there are a couple of other things you can try:

  • Check you’re using the USB cable that came with your Smart Stick. If you’re using another USB cable, it may not work reliably, so replace it with the correct one.
  • Try a different USB port. Some USB ports have different power characteristics. Connecting your Smart Stick to a different port on your TV may resolve the issue.


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