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How do I use voice search on my NOW TV Smart Stick?

Got yourself a shiny new NOW TV Smart Stick? You can find your favourite movies and shows in seconds just by talking into your Smart Stick remote.

Simply press and hold the voice search button and say the name of a show, movie, actor or director to get started.

Voice search button

You can use voice search to launch apps like Netflix, 3Player, All 4 and YouTube on your Smart Stick too. 


You can search for movies and shows, or the name of your favourite actors and directors to see all of their shows and movies available on NOW TV. Simply say the name of what you’re searching for, or say “find” or “show me” first.

For example, you can say “Game of Thrones”, “show me Game of Thrones” or “find Game of Thrones”.

Voice search also lets you launch any of the apps on your Smart Stick. Just say the name of the app to open it, or say “launch” or “open” first.

For example you can say “open YouTube”, “launch YouTube” or just "YouTube".

Voice search will only show you on demand movies and shows from the Sky Cinema Pass, Entertainment Pass and Kids Pass.

To see what’s on now and next on the live TV channels, just hit TV Guide on your Smart Stick remote.

To check what’s on the channels available via catch up apps such as 3Player and All 4, just open the relevant app and find the in-app guide.

If voice search doesn’t understand what you’re saying, there’s a few things you can try:

  • Make sure you’re holding your Smart Stick remote close enough to your face (about 6 inches should do the trick), and that you're speaking into the microphone.
  • Speak at a normal volume. If you’re too quiet or too loud, the microphone might not pick up what you’re saying.
  • If all else fails, you can still search using the on-screen keyboard. Just go to your home screen, and select Search. From here you can search by movie, show, actor and director too, as well as look for apps.

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