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I cancelled my Pass, but want to restart my membership

Want to restart a Pass you've cancelled? No problem – you can do that in My Account in just a few clicks.




Want to sign up again?

Just head to My Passes, sign in with your existing account details and hit Restart or Buy now next to the Pass you want to renew.


If you're renewing before the next monthly payment would've been due for your Pass, you'll see the option to Restart Pass. Select this and your Pass will restart without a break. Your monthly payments will continue on the same date.

Select 'Restart Pass' next to the Pass you want to start again

If your monthly payment date has passed since you cancelled, your membership has lapsed and you'll see Buy now instead:

Select 'Buy now' in My Passes next to the Pass you want to renew

Select this and enter your payment details. Your first payment will be taken on the day you renew your Pass, and on the same day each month after that.

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