Why has my device been blocked?

Are you seeing an error message telling you your Box or Smart Stick has been blocked when you try to set it up or watch on it?

This happens when a problem has been reported with a device, causing us to block it. You won't be able to activate a blocked device, or watch on it if it's already been activated.  

There's a few reasons why we might block a device. For example:

  • It's being returned. If you contact us to tell us you have a defective device and you want to return it, we'll refund you and block the device.
  • It's been marked as lost in transit. If a delivery goes missing on its way to a retailer, or if an individual order gets lost on its way to you, we'll put a block on the lost devices so they can't be activated if they should turn up somewhere later.
  • It's stolen, or there's been some fraudulent activity.
To find out why your device has been blocked, you'll need to contact us. Just hit the Get in touch button on this page.

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