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Broadband speed fluctuation in first ten days

Broadband speed fluctuation in first ten days

Testing your line

To give you a reliable broadband connection from day one, we’ll make sure it has a good combination of speed and stability to start off with. We’ll then test and reconfigure your line to provide you with the best performance. This process can take up to ten days.

During these first ten days you might notice some fluctuations in your speed, and your connection might be intermittent at times. This is normal.

The important thing is to keep your NOW TV Hub switched on 24/7 during this time. We can then get the information we need about your line, and select the best settings for your connection.

Has your broadband speed got slower?

If you have a long phone line, or there's a lot of noise on the line, your connection after ten days might be slower than your first day.

This'll only happen if our tests show that your line can’t maintain a reliable broadband connection at a faster speed.

Please leave your Hub switched on 24/7 so that we can test different broadband speeds and settings on your line.

Turning your Hub off will mean we can’t collect all the information we need about your line’s performance. It won’t automatically reset the testing period, or make our systems think that your line has performance issues or connection errors.

This might be because your home setup is preventing your connection from being as fast as it could be.

You can improve your home setup by moving your Hub from a phone extension socket to the master phone socket, or unplugging a telephone or fax machine that's causing noise or interference on the phone line.

If you make improvements to your home setup, our monitoring systems will automatically start re-testing your line and try to increase the speed.

Keep in mind It normally takes three or four days of improved performance before re-testing begins, and up to ten days of testing to select the new settings for your line.

We’ll automatically start re-testing your line if you improve your home setup and your line can support a faster connection.

We’ll also re-test your line if your connection becomes unstable. If it becomes so unstable that you can’t use it, we’ll begin testing at slower speeds on the same day, to give you a reliable connection.
If your line becomes more stable later on, we’ll re-test it again.

NOW TV subscribes to Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice on broadband speeds.

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