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What is NOW Broadband?

What is NOW Broadband?

Whether you’re completely new to NOW TV, or you’re already enjoying our TV Passes, it’s easy to get no-contract broadband and calls with NOW Broadband.

NOW Broadband gives you:
  • Unlimited, no-contract broadband (choose from 3 different speeds)
  • Calls (choose from 3 different plans)
  • A NOW Broadband Hub Two (our fastest ever router)

How do I get NOW Broadband?

It only takes a minute to create an account and sign up for NOW Broadband, or add NOW Broadband if you’ve already got a NOW TV account.


Get NOW Broadband


Once you've signed up, you can buy any of the NOW TV Passes in My Account. And because you're a NOW Broadband customer, we'll even throw in a monthly discount for the Sky Cinema Month Pass and Entertainment Month Pass.

There's no contract, so you can cancel and restart your Passes at any time.


There are 3 totally unlimited, reliable broadband speeds to choose from:

  • Brilliant Broadband (up to 17Mbps) – £18 a month 
  • Fab Fibre (up to 38Mbps) – £25 a month
  • Super Fibre (up to 76Mbps) – £35 a month

Keep in mindAll prices include line rental at £17.99 a month.

No Contract or Saver?

Don’t want to be tied down? No problem – just select our No Contract broadband plan. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Or if you’d rather pay less for setup, choose our Saver plan, with a 12 month commitment.

You can take your pick from 3 different call plans:

  • Pay as you use calls – no monthly charge.
  • Evening & weekend calls – £4 a month. Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers weekday evenings (7pm to 7am) and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Anytime calls – £8 a month. Unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To get started, just head to www.nowtv.com/broadband and select Check availability. Enter your postcode, and we'll confirm which broadband and calls packages are available in your area. Then simply choose your package and follow the steps.

Are you switching from Virgin Media? You'll need to cancel your services with them once we’ve confirmed your phone number has moved to NOW Broadband. If you’re switching from another broadband provider, you won’t need to do anything.

If you need an engineer visit to install a new phone line, we’ll book one for you during the order process.

More info on switching to NOW Broadband

Yes you can – once you’ve signed up, you can take your pick from our 4 amazing TV Passes.

Choose a Pass below to find out more, including what channels you get.

NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass Free trial, then £4.99 a month (includes £3 monthly discount for NOW Broadband customers)

Over 250 box sets and the latest must-see TV on 11 channels you won't find on Freeview.

Sky Cinema Month PassFree trial, then £6.99 a month (includes £3 monthly discount for NOW Broadband customers)

Over 1000 movies On Demand and a new premiere every day.

Sky Sports Pass£33.99 a month/£12.99 a week/£7.99 a day

All the biggest matches and events on 10 Sky Sports channels.

Kids Month PassFree trial, then £2.99 a month

6 dedicated channels with all your kids' favourite characters.

Keep in mindYou can watch your NOW TV Passes on loads of devices, and cancel and restart them as often as you like in My Passes

A NOW TV Smart Box lets you watch all your NOW TV Passes on your big screen. Plus you get access to all your favourite free channels, and loads of apps like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. 

Select a Smart Box when you sign up for NOW Broadband for just £39.99. You’ll get it at the same time as your Hub Two, a few days before your phone line goes live.

Don’t want a Smart Box right now? You can order any of the NOW TV Boxes online later, or buy in store at loads of shops too.

More infoWhat is a NOW TV Box?

New to NOW TV? The good news is you can start watching any NOW TV Passes you pick right away on loads of devices – there’s no need to wait for your Hub Two to be delivered or your phone line to go live.

Already enjoying our TV Passes? You can continue to watch your existing TV Passes, and add or cancel Passes at any time in My Passes while you wait for NOW Broadband to go live. 

To start using broadband and calls, you’ll need to wait for your phone line to start working. This can take a couple of weeks, depending on whether you need an engineer visit. 

We'll let you know if you need an engineer visit when you place your order, and when this will be.

More infoWhat happens after I've ordered broadband?

We'll send your Hub Two by post a few days before your broadband and phone goes live.

If you’ve ordered a NOW TV Smart Box, you'll get it the same time as your Hub Two. But you can start watching your TV Passes on loads of devices as soon as you've placed your order.

After you’ve ordered, head to Track my order to find out when your Hub Two will be delivered.

More infoWhat happens after I've ordered broadband?

On the day you order you’ll just pay a broadband set up fee, plus £9.99 P&P for your Hub Two. The amount of your setup fee depends on whether you’ve chosen the 'no contract' or 'saver' plan. 

Your first regular payment date for NOW Broadband and any TV Passes you pick when you order will be on the day your broadband and calls are up and running. Future payments will be on the same day each month after that.

You can add or cancel TV Passes at any time. Payments for any new TV Passes you buy will be taken separately from your NOW Broadband payments, on your purchase date and then the same day each month after that (for monthly Passes). 

Already have monthly NOW TV Passes? You’ll continue to pay for your TV Passes on the same day each month as before, separately from your NOW Broadband payments. 

More info on payment dates



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