What is a Monthly Saver or minimum-term plan?

We know our members love our fully flexible, cancel anytime memberships. But if you don’t need that flexibility and would like to pay a lower price in return for signing up for a longer period, then you might be interested in a minimum-term plan (also known as a 6 Month Saver). 


Why choose a minimum-term plan? 

A minimum-term plan could be for you if you’re happy to sign up for a minimum term of several months. In return, you’ll enjoy: 

  • A generous discount. Depending on the membership and how long you sign up for, you could save as much as 35% each month. 
  • A guaranteed monthly price. The membership cost will stay the same throughout your plan, with no mid-term price rises – making it easier to budget. 

How do I find out what minimum-term plans are available?

Minimum-term plans aren’t always available, but we sometimes offer them for Entertainment, Cinema and Sports Month Memberships. Head to NOWTV.com to see our current deals.


What does ‘minimum term’ mean?

‘Minimum term’ means that unlike with our usual ‘cancel anytime’ membership where you’re free to cancel from month to month, you’re signing up for a fixed period. If you cancel during your minimum term, your cancellation won’t take effect until your plan ends.


What happens at the end of my minimum-term plan?

If you don’t cancel before your minimum term ends, your membership will roll on at the standard price (currently £9.99pm for Entertainment or Cinema and £34.99pm for Sports) when your minimum term is up. You can check when your plan ends in the NOW Membership area of My Account.


How do I cancel my minimum-term plan?

You can cancel your minimum-term plan (6 Month Saver) in the same way you cancel a regular membership. Just head to NOW Membership and select the Cancel option next to the membership you don’t want any more. If you’re in the last month of your minimum term, your membership will end when your plan finishes.

If you cancel before that, your monthly payments will continue until the end of your plan and you’ll still be able to watch until the minimum term is up and your membership ends.


More FAQs 

No. You’ll still pay monthly, just as with a regular membership.

You can cancel any time during your minimum term, but your cancellation will only take effect when your plan ends. Any remaining payments in your plan will be taken as normal, but your membership won’t roll on after the end of your minimum term.

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